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A Marketer’s Guide to Animated Explainer Videos

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This post illuminates the value of animated explainer videos in marketing. Readers will learn about the nature of animated explainer videos, their advantages in marketing, and the versatility of animation styles. We also share examples of successful animated explainer videos and the process involved in creating one. Tips on choosing an animated explainer video partner are also provided. Learn how to enhance your marketing communication with the power of animated explainer videos.
As we navigate the information-saturated digital age, it’s more important than ever for marketers to communicate their messages quickly and effectively. Animated explainer videos, with their ability to convey complex information in a digestible and entertaining format, are a favourite tool for marketers across industries. Plus, given the choice between watching a video or reading text on the same topic, most people would opt for the video.

What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are short, engaging videos that explain a business idea, product, or service. They use clear and concise language along with compelling visuals to grasp the viewer’s attention and convey the message. Whether it’s a complicated concept or a new product feature, explainer videos can break it down into understandable and engaging content.

The Versatility of Animation Styles

The beauty of animated explainer videos lies in their versatility. They can be tailored to suit your brand guidelines, marketing objectives, and even the complexity of the topic at hand. From simple 2D animations to photorealistic 3D styles, the animation spectrum is vast and adaptable.

Each style brings a different aesthetic and mood to your video, helping to enhance your message and connect with your target audience. Perhaps you need a 3D animation style that’s abstract for an artistic campaign, or one that’s photorealistic for a product launch. Maybe you’re looking for a lively 2D animation to make your social media posts pop.

Animation styles also come in handy when dealing with topics that are hard to visualise or understand. For example, they can be used to help communities comprehend infrastructure projects by visually breaking down complex developments.

Kinde Authentication Explaioner
Eyelevel Global Brand Theatre Explainer

Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos in Marketing

Animated explainer videos can boost comprehension, enhance message retention, and encourage sharing, making them a powerful tool in marketing. They can simplify complex topics, evoke emotions, and resonate with viewers, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Creating an Animated Explainer Video

Creating an animated explainer video is a collaborative, creative process involving several steps:

Concept Development: We initiate a collaborative discussion to gain a deep understanding of your project’s objectives, artistic vision, and target audience.

Scriptwriting: Our highly skilled team of writers craft a compelling script that sets the foundation for your animated video.

Storyboarding: Our storyboard artists create a set of storyboards that encapsulate the visual narrative and pacing of your explainer video.

Design & Animation: Our talented team of designers and animators bring your video to life with cutting-edge software and industry-standard techniques.

Voiceover & Sound Design: We carefully cast the perfect voiceover talent, presenting you with options for selection. We work with our audio partners to create a custom sound design and audio mix to complement your video.

Review & Revision: We maintain open lines of communication throughout the process, working closely with you to ensure we have met your project objectives. We also provide opportunities for review and offer revisions as needed to guarantee a final product that exceeds your satisfaction.

Delivery: We deliver the completed video in the desired formats, accommodating various delivery specifications.

Choosing an Animated Explainer Video Partner

Choosing the right partner to bring your animated explainer video to life is crucial. Look for a studio that has a proven track record, demonstrated by a strong portfolio of work, and that maintains open and transparent communication throughout the process. Your chosen studio should understand your objectives, listen to your ideas, and provide regular updates. Ready to bring your message to life with an animated explainer video? Get in touch with us to discuss your project’s vision and let’s create something extraordinary together!

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