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Dimitri World


Creative Challenge

Creating an educational animated film that engages and inspires children while effectively conveying complex scientific concepts posed a unique challenge. The challenge was to develop a compelling narrative that not only entertained but also effectively communicated the importance of nuclear fission and Renewable Energy in a way that was accessible to a young audience. 


Whilst delivering on these objectives, Fox & Co had to work to ensure inclusivity and cultural appropriation for a predominantly Arabic audience across the film concept, script and production design.

Our Solution


The creative process began with brainstorming sessions to conceptualise the story, keeping in mind Mishkat’s mission to educate children about a sustainable future with science.

The script for ‘Dimitri World’ was crafted to introduce the concept of nuclear fission through a relatable character, Uri Uranium, in Dimitri World. The narrative emphasised the potential dangers of over-reliance on certain energy sources while promoting the responsible use of nuclear energy.

Storyboard and Concepting

Once the script was finalised, the team proceeded to create detailed storyboards and concept art to visualise key scenes and characters. This step ensured a cohesive visual narrative that aligned with the educational goals of the film.


The illustration phase involved bringing the characters and scenes to life. The team focused on creating visually appealing and relatable characters, including Uri Uranium, Carlo Carbon, and Mr. Einsteinium, to engage the target audience.

Model and Build

Utilising Maya and Unreal Engine technology, the 3D modelling and building phase brought the illustrated concepts into the virtual world of Dimitri World. This step included designing the characters, environments, and props that would construct the visual storytelling.

Mocap (Motion Capture)

Unreal Engine’s capabilities were leveraged for motion capture, allowing the animators to capture realistic movements for the characters. This added a layer of authenticity to each character as they came to life emphasising the importance of the role they played within the film.


The 3D animation process involved giving life to the characters through movement and expression in order to convey both the emotion and the scientific principles underlying the storyline.

VFX, Comp, and Grade

Special attention was given to visual effects, compositing, and grading to further enhance the overall look and feel of Dimitri World. The use of Unreal Engine allowed for real-time adjustments, ensuring a seamless integration of visual elements to support the narrative.


A captivating musical score and sound effects were created to complement the animation. The audio played a crucial role in enhancing the emotional and educational aspects of the film, ensuring that it resonated with the target audience.

Dimitri World showcases the successful collaboration between Fox&Co and Mishkat in producing an educational animated film that combines captivating storytelling with cutting-edge 3D animation technology. The film aims to inspire children to think critically about energy sources and their impact on the environment, fostering a sense of responsibility for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Dimitri World City
Nuclear Reactor
School 118
Uri’s House

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