Fox & Co Animation

Eyelevel Global Brand Theatre Explainer

2D Animation, Explainer

Creative Challenge

Eyelevel approached Fox&Co with a brief for a 90-second animated video that would communicate the company’s services, personality and spirit.

As a global company, Eyelevel crafts and realises engaging customer experiences for global brands and wanted the video to articulate this. In an effort to help customers understand their business, and empower their employees to consistently share the brand story, along with introducing a new concept of a Global Brand Theatre our objective was to ensure that the messaging was accessible and understandable across global audiences.

Our Solution

From conception to delivery, Fox&Co handled all aspects of production including storyboarding, illustration, animation and sound design. Working closely with Eyelevel, we gained an in-depth understanding of their brand. 

Through the use of characters and narrative sequences, Fox&Co created an engaging story that communicates Eyelevel’s complex processes. As an extension of the explainer video, Fox&Co used the video assets to create additional brand solutions for the Eyelevel website and social media platforms in the form of looping animations, static images and social media post assets.

Fox and Co Animation character designs draft
shoe store design simple
composite image with vr environment
composite environment drinking setting
isometric dev tables and shelves
eyelevel isometric design animation vfx explainer video
iso dev media peripherals
iso design accessories
iso design display models
eyelevel design staircase office
isometric gif shoe store
isometric factory line
isometric showcase v2
isometric multi level clothing store
isometric bar environment
isometric phone booth
isometric showcase multi level dark
isometric mall shopping light
isometric bar environment dark
isometric shop showcase
isometric multi cube environment

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