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How The Trove Generated 18.3 Million Views Using AR

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In a digital marketing landscape where grabbing and holding attention is gold, The Trove, a Dubai-based restaurant, struck it rich. With a series of six videos, they harnessed the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to rack up an astounding 18.3 million views, 281,000 likes, and 152,000 shares on Instagram. This feat wasn’t achieved through high-end apps or AR glasses; instead, they used a simpler, more accessible form of AR, proving that this technology can be much more than just a real-time, high-tech tool.

Contrary to popular belief, AR doesn’t always need to be experienced through live apps or specialised hardware. The Trove’s campaign exemplifies how AR, when creatively integrated into post-produced video content, can deliver big results on social media. This approach, which overlays digital effects onto real-world footage, offers a captivating experience without the complexities and costs associated with real-time AR technology.

Research supports the effectiveness of 3D visualisation in advertising, showing that it significantly increases customer attention and memory recall compared to traditional methods. 3DA billboards are not just about catching the eye; they engage the multisensory minds of viewers, creating emotional, giddy, and enthralled reactions. This heightened engagement is crucial in an era where consumer attention is increasingly fragmented.

From Statues to Rocket Plates: The Trove's AR Campaign Skyrockets Engagement with Unforgettable Dining Spectacles

Greek statues serving canapes: 

  • 4.7m views (91k likes / 36.2k shares) 

Floating Love Hearts: 

  • 2.9m (96k likes / 35.7k shares)

Walking Hedge: 

  • 977k views (6.1k likes / 1.7k shares)

Greek statue bursting through artwork: 

  • 1.4m views (5.5k likes / 5.7k shares)

Greek statue bursting through artwork: 

  • 4.2m views (66.7k likes / 58.3k shares)

Rocket Plate: 

  • 4.2m views (16.3k likes / 14.9k shares) 

The secret behind the success of The Trove’s campaign was its ability to shatter viewers’ expectations of what occurs in a restaurant. Their videos transformed ordinary dining experiences into extraordinary visual tales. From Greek statues serving canapés to rocket plates whizzing through the air, each piece of content broke the shackles of reality, offering viewers a glimpse into a magical, augmented world. This element of surprise is crucial in AR’s ability to captivate; it disrupts viewers’ expectations and adds a layer of enchantment to the content.

Producing such content isn’t as daunting or expensive as it might seem. The process involves a blend of creative concept development, straightforward production planning, and clever post-production techniques. 3D modelling, animation, and compositing are the pillars of bringing AR elements to life. The Trove’s approach, focusing on short, engaging AR sequences, demonstrates how to capture audience attention effectively and efficiently.

The Trove’s success with AR is a compelling case for marketers looking to leverage AR in their campaigns in 2024. 

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