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Hursley Hub is a New Zealand-based company. Their product, Hubscope, specialises in data driven visualisation. Hubscope automatically draws interactive diagrams from the information and relationships stored in existing business data.

Working alongside Hursley Hub, Fox & Co created a product explainer video that would give viewers an understanding and awareness of the Hubscope product and communicate the benefit it provides businesses, in a clear and concise way.

Being such an intricate product, we worked with our client to solve two challenges. First to simplify complex messaging in a way that would be accessible and understandable, and secondly to visualise the product offering without relying on literal systems and data.

With that, we created an abstract world that would explain the Hubscope product offering to viewers using a relatable metaphor. Doing so allowed us to draw from real life examples that viewers could identify which provided a situational link to how Hubscope could benefit their business in much the same way.

The relationship we built with our client on this project really shows in the end product. Hubscope were committed to creating a video that was accessible to their target market. We were committed to creating a visual narrative to support that goal.

One of the key takeaways on this project was the amount of time and research that went into understanding the product from a viewers perspective, ensuring that we remained inclusive of all audiences through limiting ‘IT jargon’ in the messaging. This, augmented by simple and abstract graphics, meant that we were able to produce a video that was successful in achieving our clients goal.

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