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Creative Challenge

For Waka Kotahi, the goal was clear: produce a series of 9 videos educating New Zealanders about critical car safety features. Amid the rapid evolution of automotive technology, many prospective car buyers remained unaware or under-informed about the latest safety advancements. The challenge wasn’t just to educate but to shift perceptions—making safety a top priority for every car buyer.

Our Solution

Diving deep into the brief, Fox&Co undertook the project with a holistic approach. First, we scoured our own portfolio for inspiration, picking elements from projects that resonated with the client’s vision. Armed with a curated lookbook, we set out to create engaging visuals that would inform, educate and entertain audiences across the safety features video series.

Each 30-60 second video aimed to demystify complex car safety systems, making them accessible to the everyday car buyer. From Automatic Emergency Brakes (AEB) to Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, our videos combined intuitive scripting with clear, engaging visuals.

Recognizing the importance of sound in enhancing understanding, we collaborated with the client to finalise voice talent. Our state-of-the-art recording facilities were utilised to capture crystal clear audio, ensuring the messages were conveyed effectively.

In the production of this series of 9 videos for the website, we streamlined our processes, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.


The series for Waka Kotahi and was more than just a collection of explainer videos. It was a campaign to promote safer roads by teaching drivers the benefits of effectively using car safety features. Through creativity, technical expertise, and collaborative spirit, Fox&Co turned a challenge into an educational journey, positioning car safety front and centre in the minds of New Zealanders.

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