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Creative Challenge

In the latter stages of 2020, the challenge wasn’t just creating a music video. It was a journey of technological experimentation, a pivot in production methodology, and the opportunity to redefine standards in the ever-evolving entertainment world.

Our Solution

With the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, Fox&Co found an avenue to not just adapt but also innovate. For the “She Ballin’” music video, performed by an ensemble cast of artists under the banner of N’Credible Entertainment, we plunged headfirst into a technological realm we’d only touched upon: Game Engines for real-time rendering and virtual production, specifically, Unreal Engine.

While Unreal Engine had its presence in the industry, it was a new territory for us in a client project setting. But the prospects it presented were too compelling to overlook. Instead of the traditional green screen methods and post-production compositing, Unreal Engine offered us a digital canvas where artists could perform live. What’s more, it empowered our directors with real-time visualization, enabling them to make on-the-spot creative decisions, enriching the overall production quality.

To amplify the video’s game-like ambiance, we crafted a comprehensive game user interface package. Drawing inspiration from video games like NBA 2K and NBA Jam, this package comprised player menus, heads-up displays, and game player cards with detailed statistics. We leaned on Adobe After Effects to design and infuse these digital assets, ensuring the atmosphere was reminiscent of a high-octane video game.

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