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The Rise of 3D Billboards

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3D Anamorphic (3DA) billboards are revolutionising out-of-home (OOH) advertising by offering an immersive and engaging experience to the audience. These billboards utilise perspective and clever animation to create the illusion of objects extending out of the digital billboard, capturing the attention of viewers and challenging their perception of reality.

An excellent example of this innovative approach is Binge’s House of the Dragon 3DA billboard. Set on a 6-story high 3DA screen on Bourke Street, the ad features a life-size dragon that appears to peer around one of Melbourne’s busiest streets, demonstrating the impactful nature of 3DA billboards.

Research supports the effectiveness of 3D visualisation in advertising, showing that it significantly increases customer attention and memory recall compared to traditional methods. 3DA billboards are not just about catching the eye; they engage the multisensory minds of viewers, creating emotional, giddy, and enthralled reactions. This heightened engagement is crucial in an era where consumer attention is increasingly fragmented.

Maximizing Brand Impact: The Proven Effectiveness of 3D Advertising in Enhancing Attention, Recall, and Social Engagement

A study by the University of Macedonia found that 3D execution elements in advertising not only capture more attention but also enhance ad recall and recognition, making them a strategic choice for brands seeking differentiation. Additionally, the interactivity and creative presentation of these billboards lead to memorable impressions and a higher likelihood of sharing on social media, amplifying the reach and engagement of the campaign.

While the cost of 3D animation is higher than static ads, the investment in 3DA billboards can be justified by their effectiveness. These billboards are proven to attract immediate attention, create memorable impressions, encourage social media sharing, generate buzz, and demonstrate a brand’s creativity and innovation.

Here are three amazing examples of 3DA campaigns:

Nike’s Air Max Campaign: In Tokyo, Nike Japan’s 3D billboard for the 35th anniversary of Air Max became a social media hit, showcasing the power of innovative 3D advertising in capturing commuter and consumer attention.

Coach’s ‘Courage to be Real’ Campaign: Featuring Lil Nas X, this campaign used powerful storytelling combined with 3D effects to engage viewers.

Louis Vuitton’s Collaboration with Yayoi Kusama: A spectacular 3D billboard in Tokyo, blending art and advertising, attracting media attention and public interest.

As we move forward, the integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies with 3D advertising will further enhance the immersive experience for consumers. The future of retail advertising is shaping up to be a multisensory exploration, with 3DA billboards leading the charge.


3DA billboards represent a significant shift in advertising, offering brands a new avenue to connect with their audience in a crowded and competitive market. As these billboards become more widespread, they are set to redefine the landscape of OOH advertising, making it an exciting time for brands and advertisers alike. With more and more 3DA sites becoming available across the eastern seaboard, we envision many more brands exploring this exciting new high impact creative avenue. 

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