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The Rise of Digital Twins: Transforming Product Development, Marketing, and Training

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Imagine if customers and project teams could remotely interact with products, from top to bottom, inside and out, no matter how intricate. Product experience, safety/training, engineering and marketing content becomes infinitely more engaging and effective. The best part is that these assets can be recycled and reused forever, making their possible applications nearly limitless! These are just some of the opportunities that digital twins present. 

Digital twins are highly detailed, accurate 3D models that simulate physical products, objects, or environments. These virtual counterparts are not just interactive; they redefine engagement, enabling users to explore products in detail, demonstrate functionalities interactively, and visualise products in varied environments.

Here are some exemplary cases where the power of digital twins is being utilised:

Lockheed Martin: Elevating Aerospace with Unreal Engine

Lockheed Martin, a titan in aerospace and defense, has embraced Unreal Engine for its R&D, propelling aerospace simulation to new heights. This partnership has led to the creation of immersive, highly detailed training environments and simulation solutions that drastically reduce the need for physical prototypes. The key innovation here is the ability to create a ‘joint world’—a unified digital environment where both ground vehicle operations and flight training coexist. This approach not only streamlines training processes but also opens doors to new possibilities in aerospace design and operation, ensuring Lockheed Martin remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

The Lockheed Martin case demonstrates the power of digital twins in enhancing product development, training, and operational efficiency. Businesses can leverage similar technology to reduce costs, accelerate development cycles, and improve training effectiveness.

Discover more about Lockheed Martin’s aerospace innovations with Unreal Engine here.

Volvo Cars: Reimagining Automotive Design with Unity

Volvo Cars has set a new standard in the automotive industry by integrating Unity’s real-time 3D technology across its vehicle production lifecycle. This strategic move has transformed traditional design and manufacturing processes, enabling engineers, designers, and stakeholders to visualise and interact with vehicle concepts in real-time. The result? Faster design iteration, enhanced collaboration, reduced reliance on physical prototypes, and more immersive customer experiences.

Volvo’s journey underscores the importance of digital twins in streamlining product development and engaging consumers. Companies can adopt this strategy to foster innovation, improve product quality, and create captivating marketing experiences.

Learn about Volvo Cars’ journey with Unity here.

Scania and GEISTT: Revolutionising Human-Machine Interaction

In partnership with GEISTT, Scania has harnessed Unreal Engine to develop and test human-machine interface (HMI) concepts, marking a significant leap in vehicle interaction design. This transition to a more sophisticated simulation platform enables earlier and more effective testing of UI features and autonomous vehicle interactions. The iterative process ensures that user experience issues are identified and addressed promptly, highlighting the role of digital twins in enhancing product design and user satisfaction.

Scania’s use of digital twins for HMI testing illustrates their potential to refine user experiences and tailor products to specific customer needs. Businesses can leverage digital twins to identify and resolve design challenges early, ensuring a superior end product.

Read more about Scania’s advancements in HMI testing here.

Unlocking the Future: How Digital Twins Are Reshaping Industry Standards

As these case studies show, digital twins are not just a technological innovation but a strategic tool reshaping aerospace, automotive, and beyond. They offer a dynamic way to visualise, simulate, and optimise products and processes, providing critical insights that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.

The advent of digital twins represents a paradigm shift in how industries approach design, development, and interaction. By embracing this technology, businesses can unlock new levels of innovation, operational efficiency, and customer engagement, setting the stage for a future where digital and physical realms seamlessly converge.

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