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The Way to Teradora


Creative Challenge

Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy, a leading science centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, aims to educate and inspire students to become energy innovators for a sustainable future. They approached Fox & Co. Animation Studio with a creative challenge: produce a 15-20 minute 3D animated film about the energy mix, targeting an audience aged 13 and above.

The animation needed to present an engaging and captivating story that emphasised the importance of renewable energy sources, low emissions, and power security. Fox & Co. was tasked with creating a visually engaging and informative animation that would captivate young audiences and promote a lasting impact.

A crucial aspect of the project was ensuring that the scientific content was accurate, and the Arabic language used was correct. Fox & Co. needed to take these factors into consideration while designing the animation, ultimately delivering an exceptional film that resonated with Mishkat’s core values and objectives.

Our Solution

Fox & Co presents Teradora, a compelling animated film that illustrates the importance of diverse energy sources in achieving a sustainable future. The story follows Sonny, a solar power hero, as she embarks on a journey to save her village from the pollution caused by Petro, a fossil fuel giant. Along the way, Sonny teams up with Skye (wind power) and Watter (hydro power), learning that a combination of their unique strengths can provide a more reliable and efficient energy mix for the city.

Teradora showcases the potential of renewable energy sources, while also acknowledging the necessity of responsible fossil fuel use in the transition to a sustainable energy mix. By integrating visually stunning animations and an engaging narrative, Fox & Co delivers a powerful message that resonates with audiences of all ages, inspiring them to embrace diverse energy solutions and work together to create a cleaner, greener future.

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