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Tikipunk Episode 3 “You Can’t Hurt Me”

Motion for Mobile
3D ANIMATION, Social media
campaign, brandED CONTENT

Creative Challenge

The Ministry of Youth Development launched a campaign addressing various important social issues among Māori and Pasifika youths, and approached Fox&Co to produce a 3-part animated series. The topics covered messages encouraging youths to get vaccinated against Covid-19, drew attention to mental health awareness and wellbeing and in the final instalment, to join together to stand up against bullying.

Our Solution

Fox&Co looked to Studio Ghibli as a source of stylistic inspiration. As huge fans of the studio’s work and their ability to allow the viewer to become fully immersed in the fantastical, visually-stunning worlds, while also carrying a beautiful and poignant narrative. This action-packed 2D animated series was created in Adobe Animate, After Effects and cel animation in Toon Boom Harmony. Using cel animation, a technique using frame-by-frame hand drawn still images presented in quick succession to create a moving piece, we had full control of the animation adding in dynamic fast-paced, punchy sequences to bring the story to life. 

To elevate the immersive viewing experience, we used Unreal Engine, to create the intricate backgrounds. From Selena’s bedroom, to the dark and creepy underworld where the Misinformation Monster resides. By using Unreal Engine we were able to create and insert complex environments, enhancing atmosphere and depth. Fox&Co created a series that conveyed key messages from the Ministry in a style and format that appealed to the younger audiences, creating an impact whilst encouraging meaningful change.

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