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Trailblazer Honors 2018

Motion Graphics, Event Display


We’ve been working with Logo TV since mid-2017, and were excited when they came to us to work on the Trailblazer Honours for the second year in a row. The LogoTV Trailblazer Honors is the pioneering event to honour luminaries who’ve made historic strides towards LGBTQ awareness and equality. For the fifth annual show, we were asked to develop and animate a variety of looping screen designs that would be displayed on a waterfall-esque screen surrounding the awards stage. Over the course of 4 weeks, we created a variety of looping animated screen designs that emphasised the show’s theme of intersectionality.

We were provided with a brief to create 13 custom content designs for the LCD wall and floor screens, which made up the presentation stage at the event. Did we mention that these screens were massive? The main LCD screen clocked in at 7.5 meters high and 4.5 meters wide, while the floor screen length was 16 meters long. Huge screens, meant heavy content, so we needed to be strategic in our designs and processes.

Our key objective was to create visual content that would enhance the event space, smoothly transition across the screens, and capture attendees from multiple perspectives.

To achieve this, we analysed the sizes and number of screens, as well as their positioning in the event space. Because performers would be walking over the designs on the presentation stage, we carefully considered how the animations would appear on the stage. We also wanted to create visuals that complemented the surroundings of the performers and attendees. Based on these criteria, we mocked up our initial designs in order to visualise how our ideas would come together in a 3D space.

We created designs that captured a sense of otherworldliness and incorporated the concept of intersectionality. We first drew inspiration from symbols of the universe and then started experimenting with the layout and design. From there, we confirmed that one of the overall design themes would be neon lights and decided to incorporate the light-driven elements from the universe, including starfields, nebulae and galaxies. The preferred designs were then chosen and we worked to create a motion piece that smoothly transitioned across the screens. Timing was tight, but we did what we needed to and made it happen.

We were thrilled that we were able to contribute to the Trailblazer Honors and help celebrate luminaries who’ve made historic strides towards LGBTQ awareness and equality. We were excited to watch artists like Bebe Rexha perform on the screens we designed. Overall, it was an honour to support this cause and promote the event’s messages of inclusivity and intersectionality.

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